OpenTelemetry tracing linking signals and queries to workflow

Workflow Signal and Queries are disconnected from the main workflow trace. Would it be possible to connect these traces with Span Links Overview | OpenTelemetry?

I can get the different spans to show up, but would like to connect them somehow.

Absolutely. This is actually done in some of our other SDKs where signal/query handling is parented by the client-outbound start workflow span and just linked to by the client-outbound signal/query span. Today in our tracing abstraction that abstracts over OpenTracing, OpenTelemetry, and DataDog, we do not have linking. But no reason we couldn’t add it.

Feel free to open an issue on the repo. If you wanted to tackle it yourself, feel free to open a PR that adds something like a Links to and impl in each contrib impl’s StartSpan call.