Operation not support. Please use on ElasticSearch


I have integrated temporal with elastic search and deploying to Kubernetes container. Pod is up and running and able to see the health check status.

I am trying to perform the querying with search attributes from Temporal-web → Advance Search

ExecutionStatus != “Running”

and tried with TCTL CLI

bash-4.2$ tctl -ns default-dev workflow list --query ‘WorkflowType = “main.Workflow” and (WorkflowId = “90a54183-e2ee-4ea3-acfe-8b9da7316122” or RunId = “df07ace0-f6d4-448a-9b8c-d1fd5254f723”)’

getting the below error.

Error: Failed to list workflow.
Error Details: Operation not support. Please use on ElasticSearch

What is wrong here?

Hi @jaffarsadik, did you use the Temporal helm charts or some other way to deploy on k8s?

Are you sure the web-ui that where you are trying to execute the query is actually the one that’s deployed on k8s cluster? (see GitHub - temporalio/helm-charts: Temporal Helm charts)

Yes, this error means that advanced visibility is not configured properly and Elasticsearch is not really used. Please check your server config, it should look like development_es.yaml and especially this line.