Organizing flow in UI

Hey can anybody find a solution for the below useCase?

We are sending few calls in parallel (concurrently)in Batches to an external system & we’ll be waiting for the callBack for the calls to process further.

Batch of 50
Make 50 calls at the same time concurrently to an external system & wait for the callBack for all the callbacks & process the calls at the same time.

since we’re using promise.all() it’s hard to debug in UI. if there are many batches then it becomes more & more Hard to debug.

So, Can we use anything that is provided by temporal, like subflows or child workflows for batches… something…

I’m not sure I understand what callback you’re referring to. Is this a signal from the external system or a completion or a promise returned from an activity?

yep it is a signal from external system

You can implement a query that returns the current state of the workflow, which makes troubleshooting easier.

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