Panic: Client must be created with client.Dial() or client.NewLazyClient()

I got this error when create a dev temporal server/client for testing. The simplified code looks like this

temporalCLI, err := bazel.Runfile(filepath.Join(runfilePath, "temporal"))
if err != nil {
	return nil, fmt.Errorf("bazel.Runfile(%q): %w", runfilePath, err)

devServer, err := testsuite.StartDevServer(ctx, testsuite.DevServerOptions{
	ExistingPath: temporalCLI,
	LogLevel:     "warn",
w := worker.New(devServer.client,"MyQueue", worker.Options{
		MaxConcurrentActivityExecutionSize:     10,
		MaxConcurrentWorkflowTaskExecutionSize: 10,

and got panic panic: Client must be created with client.Dial() or client.NewLazyClient(). What’s the problem with my test and how can I fix it? Thanks!