PostgreSQL (AWS RDS) - Scale up

Hi, actually we have running on AWS RDS PostgreSQL 13.7, and we are fronting some bottlenecks with history_node table elevating our CPU cost drastically.

If possible, can you guys give me some insights to solve this problem?

Below we have some metrics collected at high load time.

SELECT’s: 6345/min
INSERT’s: 15685/min
DELETE’s: 758/min (14589 rows/min)

Observation: Our project are going to add many times this workload.

Row Octet Size

MIN: 246 (246 B)
AVG: 5613 (5.48 KB)
MAX: 73538 (71.81 KB)

We notice that is generating too much toast data.

If we isolate this inserts event type at AWS performance insight, we can find these values.

LWLock:WALWrite: 58%
IO:WALSync: 24%
CPU: 9%
Client:ClientRead: 9%

Can you guys help me to remove that bottleneck and scale up temporal application?