Prioritization of workflow execution

We have some process (manifest as workflow) that can: 1. Initiated by the client 2. Triggered once a day (we are using schedule for that).

When the daily processes run (1000±), all of the workers are occupied with all the routine workflows - and the client request is waiting at the end of the line.

Can we prioritize a workflow to the head of the queue? (no need to stop running workflow, just that it would be handled first).

Temporal doesn’t yet support priorities directly. The workaround is to use separate task queues for high-priority and other tasks. This requires running separate workers for each task queue. You can collocate these workers in a single process or even run them in separate processes if activities are resource intensive.

Is there any plan to support workflow prioritization in the near future?

Not in the near future.

In case we follow this model, any recommendations on how can we achieve synchronization and/or mutual exclusion across workers? For instance, how can we block lower-priority tasks if a higher-priority one is ongoing or vice-versa?