Sequencing independent workflows

I have two different schedules, one runs daily at 10 AM, another runs weekly at 10 AM.
on every Monday, I want to ensure that the daily schedule is executed first, then the weekly schedule starts execution.
Both the schedules execute same workflow, on the same task queue.
Additionally, there is only one worker active for that task queue.

Further, it might happen that for some other client I need weekly schedule to be executed first and then the daily one whenever there is a tie-breaker situation

When you need to run workflows in a particular sequence, you can create a parent workflow which runs them as child workflows.

Create one schedule which directly runs the daily workflow every day except for Monday.

Create a second schedule which runs the parent workflow on Monday. The parent workflow runs the daily workflow and then the weekly workflow.

It would be a specific solution to this case. Is there any more general approach? Where the order of execution might be different for different clients.
Also, it might happen that one of the schedule must be executed only after more than one schedules, scheduled simultaneously, are completed first.
It is somewhat a situation of prioritising workflows entering the same task queue, that a specific one should alwyas be executed before the other

If your logic is more customizable / complicated, then you can always write the necessary scheduling logic in a parent workflow, which is responsible for figuring out the scheduling logic, and then triggering child workflows or actions at the appropriate times.

I discussed and came up with a solution for something similar here: Long-running entity workflows with internal scheduling.