Protobuf Generate ENUM has enum name as prefix

Hello, team:

I use the temporal v1.15.2. I want to add a new rpc function, so i edit the proto file and regenerate it.
But i get the code like this:

type WorkflowExecutionStatus int32

const (
WorkflowExecutionStatus_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_UNSPECIFIED WorkflowExecutionStatus = 0
// Value 1 is hardcoded in SQL persistence.
WorkflowExecutionStatus_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_RUNNING WorkflowExecutionStatus = 1
WorkflowExecutionStatus_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_COMPLETED WorkflowExecutionStatus = 2
WorkflowExecutionStatus_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_FAILED WorkflowExecutionStatus = 3
WorkflowExecutionStatus_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_CANCELED WorkflowExecutionStatus = 4
WorkflowExecutionStatus_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_TERMINATED WorkflowExecutionStatus = 5
WorkflowExecutionStatus_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_CONTINUED_AS_NEW WorkflowExecutionStatus = 6
WorkflowExecutionStatus_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_TIMED_OUT WorkflowExecutionStatus = 7

It has the WorkflowExecutionStatus as a prefix. But the v1.15.2 temporal-server code don’t have that.
I want to know how to fix it, is that my protoc version problem?
I use the protoc version 3.16.

Best wishes!