Python Workflow And Activity Class Organization

Are there any more complex examples of Workflow and Activity code using the python-sdk that are not in the examples repo? Mainly interested in how larger projects are organized and how complexity is managed when the Workflow shape and Activity behavior can change drastically based on which configurations are passed to each.

There are a couple as part of the project-based tutorials: Python tutorials | Learn Temporal

But in general there is no one way to organize your project, you can choose what feels right for you. I would recommend keeping each workflow in its own file for sandbox reasons, but other than that it can be just about any organization structure you prefer.

Thanks @Chad_Retz I will review those.

Just a heads up, I actually did not see those examples at all after quite a few google searches over the weekend. I did come across the background checker project. You may want to link those examples from that page.

Did you mean to link to another link? Your link is to not a background checker project.

Yeah - actually I meant to link to this page: Python SDK developer's guide - Project setup | Temporal Documentation . These are the two pages I found during my dev searches, but never came across the one you linked to.

Thanks, we will improve the cross linking