Realtime tooling survey

A few months ago, we made a choice to start a forum due to the issues with Slack. Initially we planned to phase Slack out and rely only on the forum. Over the last few months it has become clear that the forum was a great choice. That being said, it does seem the forum isn’t as suited for casual discussion and collaboration.

We currently hope to maintain two communication mediums moving forward. One for long form answers and general support (the forums) and another for casual discussion, collaboration and ad-hoc questions (currently Slack). The problem is that Slack still has all of the issues we identified when we moved to the forum.

Due to this, we are considering replacing Slack with Discord. For those of you who are not familiar with Discord, it’s essentially 90% the same as Slack. There are some features missing in Discord (such as threads) but in terms of user experience there is almost no learning curve if you’re familiar with Slack. Discord also comes with quite a few features that are critical and missing in Slack:

  • It’s totally free (unlimited message history, channels, files etc)
  • Advanced voice, video and screen sharing features which far surpass Slack
  • A single user account can be shared across workspaces which means you only have 1 set of DMS
  • Moderation is possible which helps us protect the community from spam and other toxic elements

Please take this survey as your input is invaluable to us:


Hello @ryland,

How long did you intend to keep the survey open? Can you possibly give an update on the results of the survey? Will the switch to Discord take place?



Hey Ringo, great question. We have not made any decisions yet. Still really hoping that threads land in Discord soon.

The results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive about Discord.