Anonymous Poll: How do you rank the support experience on this forum?

A few weeks ago we migrated most Slack support questions to this forum. Community happiness is a top concern so we’re conducting an anonymous poll to understand if people are happy with the change.

  • Worse than Slack
  • The same as Slack
  • Better than Slack

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The only reason I think it is worse is because of the UX of this interface. Too many buttons, spent almost a minute looking for a search functionality. Another concern is that (just like with StackOverflow) questions will eventually be duplicated which will eventually spoil the experience.

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I’m loving it!

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Overall I just find myself less likely to open a browser tab and casually browsing posts on the site than I would checking the latest messages on slack when i have a free moment.

I think the fact that you only see the title, have to click into it to read the content, browse back to the index to select a different post just adds a bit of friction in terms of quickly getting a sense of what is being discussed.

For me this has a net effect of mainly using it to post issues I may be facing, and less likely to casually browse and see what issues others are discussing

But I can appreciate the upside of its searchability, and perhaps i just need some more time to adjust. Its hard to say

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This is a very valid concern, let us think about a way to solve this. It may be possible to create a view similar to Slack that we can surface as an option to users.

@Shanan @sagikazarmark I think there is a quick fix available that doesn’t entirely solve the problem but helps a lot. If you go into your Discourse preferences and change the setting for Default Home Page to “Latest”:

Your homepage will look similar to this:

Which is a lot closer to what I think you guys are hoping for. I will continue to think about this problem and let you know if I think of something better.