Recommended way to refresh WorkflowClient with new sslContext in spring boot application

In my application certs used for ssl context is getting refreshed after every 2/3 weeks. Hence, the ssl context used to create WorkflowServiceStubsOptions bean and ultimately WorkflowClient bean is outdated which resulting certificate issue when trying to make connection with temporal server.

Is there any standard way to refresh WorkflowClient bean with new ssl context in Temporal?

Temporal SDKs allow you to configure gRPC connections fully (does not expose restrictions) but for this I think the bottleneck is gRPC itself which has notoriously been silent about cert rotation support.

There is some content for example here and here but don’t think anything concrete.

So to answer, we don’t have a solution for this out of the box (outside creating a new client which is not optimal in your case). It is something we are investigating currently as it is a very important use case. Will update here with any progress.

Thanks for the quick response @tihomir.