Resuming workflow execution from json event history

Just wondering if there is any way to do this? Basically this would be the same thing a worker does to load a workflow back in, but with a json history provided and no existing workflow.

The use case would be to be able to load in history files from workflows on old versions and test that the workflow continues to work correctly with new signals.
This is slightly different to replay testing in that we have ran into cases where determinism might be fine but changes in workflow code may result in an activity call to an external system failing on a new version.

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It is not currently supported. But we plan to support this in the future.

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Ah cool, yeah I think it will be useful.
I assume to do this now I would basically have to have an old version of the worker to progress a workflow to a certain spot, then start the new version and continue on? Which would be complicated as an automated test.

A workaround is to have many open workflows in different stages of execution and perform upgrade testing.