Schedule Workflow with arguments?

Is there a way we can store the arguments that is required for the workflow while scheduling?

Do you mean the workflow inputs you pass in when creating the schedule that are recorded in workflow history (WorkflowExecutionStarted event) ?

Basically i am looking to attach payload that workflow needs when worklfow is triggered from scheduler.

How do i pass the payload that workflow needs at the time of workflow scheduling

You can pass input when you create the schedule, via tctl/cli for example see:

tctl schedule create -h
temporal schedule create

(input option)

With the SDK you can do the same as shown in this sample: samples-typescript/start-schedule.ts at 272b2ff7732f0d20a9a8c024cbe9256f1e4a5bb8 · temporalio/samples-typescript · GitHub

thank you, that was really helpful. In addition responses are encoded, how do we decode them like scheduleId as part of the response

But is there a way to do this using UI or web dashboard, since I couldn’t find this option in the UI.

Looks like this isn’t supported ATM.

Could add your request to this issue: Schedules, Payload · Issue #1068 · temporalio/ui · GitHub

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cli and SDK support it, use “input” args