Schedules Preview inconsistent with Schedule Page

After updating a schedule, the web ui on the Schedules Preview page still shows the stale value.

Doing this with temporallite works great, but not on a cluster deployed in kubernetes.

Hello @sebastian_violet

thank you for reporting this,

Could you share the code to reproduce the issue,

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This can be done directly on the Web UI also without using the Temporal SDK. Here is a Video of this: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

And the code equivalent is essentially:

ScheduleHandle sh = scheduleClient.getHandle(workflowId);

(ScheduleUpdateInput input) -> {
    Schedule.Builder builder = Schedule.newBuilder(
    // change interval here
    // ...
    return new ScheduleUpdate(;

Hi @sebastian_violet

thank you for reporting this and for the video, it helps a lot.

Maybe there was an issue in UI version 2.16. I am not able to reproduce it with 2.19.

Are you able to upgrade the UI version?

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Hello @antonio.perez, I am deploying Temporal using the helm chart found here: GitHub - temporalio/helm-charts: Temporal Helm charts

I am using the latest version here; mainline. Is there perhaps a branch I should be using?

Also, when will there be a hosted Temporal repository?

Thank You

Should I manually update the value like so:

--set web.image.tag=2.19.0

Latest UI Server release:

Latest Web UI release:

Current default is here:

@antonio.perez, the issue is still there in 2.19.0

List View:

Schedule View:

Hi Sebastian,

I am wondering if the issues was in the server then, as I mentioned before I am not able to reproduce it.

Are your running this Temporal Helm charts with changing the UI version to 2.19.0?


That is correct. And the latest server version.
It could be that the UI for the list page uses a different endpoint than the one used on the schedule full page; perhaps the former has the data cached and is stale, but the cache isn’t busted on update.