Schedule crontab string not visible in UI

I created a schedule using both tctl and temporal. In the Temporal UI (2.15.0), the Schedule displays the upcoming Runs correctly, but the Frequency string is empty, it only shows “UTC”, the server is running 1.20.3

Interestingly, creating or updating the crontab string through the UI displays the Frequency cron string without issue.

Can you try reproducing this on latest 2.16.2 temporalio/ui tag and if it persists open issue here? Thanks.

I am facing the exact same issue. Also posted this on slack under thread - Slack

Same issue here, I downgraded to 2.16.2, not shown there, then I upgraded to 2.21.3 not show there either.

Another thing, In the workflow list I can see my temporal-sys-scheduler:test that I created from the UI, but is not shown in the schedules page nor in the temporal client.

temporal schedule list --namespace dev

empty list, but executing

temporal schedule describe --schedule-id test --namespace dev

it shows the information.

Debugging my app I saw the workflow associated with the schedule being executed.

I’m running temporal 1.22.1