Temporal schedule list show empty result

I have setup and cluster inside K8S, and seems it works as expected untill I create a schedule workflow inside.

I’m using https://github.com/temporalio/samples-go/tree/main/schedule as example to trigger schedule. the result show differrent when compare with temporal server start-dev, start-dev can show schedule correctly . but my k8s show empty result ( but temporal schedul describe -s <scheduID> works as expectd.

now I suspect my k8s configuration is wrong, but can’t not figure out what kind of wrong can mess up shcedule.

Thanks for any help.

Well, the reason is not every component (history,frontend,worker,matching) using pluginName: "mysql8" configuration doc

some of them using pluginName: "mysql" causing this mess up, after reinitialize the databases(temporal_visibility and temporal), everything works as expected.