Sdk metrics in go

Hey everyone,

I want to write the SDK Metrics in go , pls give me the way how I proceed,pls?

Hello @Avinash_Kumar_Pandey

do you mean emit sdk metrics using the go SDK?

if so, this example should help samples-go/metrics at main · temporalio/samples-go · GitHub , also have a look at this document showing how to setup prometheus and grafana Set up Prometheus and Grafana to view metrics | Temporal Documentation


Hii antonio

Everything is setup, bcz I already created the dashboard for temporal server metrics , and I also clone this repo samples-go/metrics at main · temporalio/samples-go · GitHub setup also done for this repo , But Now I want to know , How I proceed for this metrics Temporal SDK metrics reference | Temporal Documentation

Thankyou for your response

Hello @Avinash_Kumar_Pandey

I understand you want to start seeing the SDK metrics in your grafana dashboard.

You can import this dashboard dashboards/sdk/sdk-java.json at master · temporalio/dashboards · GitHub. It will work with go metrics too. Note that the example you are running append a prefix to the metrics samples-go/metrics/worker/main.go at d0e217648457bd4788c70468bfce1ef334ce1aae · temporalio/samples-go · GitHub , to make the example running in the dashboard I have shared you should remove the prefix first.

If what you are looking for is what information to pay attention to, please have a look at this document Developer's guide - Worker performance | Temporal Documentation


Yeah, I got the way
Thankyou antonio!