SDK metrics not showing up

Hi, I am trying to get out-of-the-box java SDK metrics, ran the docker image from here. Follow the code example from here.From grafana, I can see server metrics, but sdk metrics are not showing after I ran a few jobs.

I do see the sdk scraping endpoints are down, may be this is related? Can someone give me a pointer on how to get this running?

So on the docker compose side the two ports that are targeting scraping of SDK metrics are 8077 and 8078. Also the metrics path is set to /metrics.

To get the sample to work with this setup:

  1. Change client port to 8077
  2. Change worker port to 8078
  3. Change metrics endpoint to /metrics

run the sample and check your prom targets again they should be green (and then check the grafana sdk dashboard)

Would gladly take a PR to the sample with these changes if you feel like contributing. Thanks!

Thanks @tihomir , the reason I was trying to get the settings up is to verify the tagging of SDK metrics, we have a set up with reporter set to a local statsd (running in a side car) and those got push to DataDog. That seems to work ok, except all the SDK metrics showing up in DD do not have activity_type nor workflow_type tagged. I wonder if there is anything I missed, or does Temporal support this setup?

statsDClient = new NonBlockingStatsDClientBuilder()
Scope scope =
        new RootScopeBuilder()
            .reporter(new StatsdReporter(statsDClient))
            .setTarget(host + ":" + port)

I resolve this by using Spring Boot actuator metricRegistry, and tags are showing up properly. Thanks.