Seeing errors upon workflow cancellation

Hello, seeing this error come up in some of my workflows and not totally sure where this is coming from/why, was hoping someone could shed some light on why this error might be coming up:

"message": "Fatal(\"ChildWorkflowMachine in state Cancelled says the transition is invalid during event EventInfo { event_id: 62, event_type: ChildWorkflowExecutionCanceled, has_next_event: true }\")",

As for some context, this seems to happen when the parent workflow receives a cancellation signal. The child workflow is cancelled successfully, this error just comes up in the parent workflow. The child workflows typically also receive this cancellation signal as well. Our Typescript Temporal SDK version is 1.4.3, and our Temporal server is running on 1.18.0. Thank you!

Can you come up with a minimal reproduction of this issue and submit a bug report in the SDK repo please?

Yep, will take a look at doing so once I’m free. In the meantime, was wondering if you have any ideas about why this might be coming up?

Typically this is caused by changing workflow code without using the patched API but it could be an edge case SDK bug, we’d need a repro to tell.