Server upgrade, SDK and existing workflows


Could you please clarify some points about upgrading to new version?

  1. Does server upgrade requires upgrade of using SDK?
  2. From documentation and some related topics on the forum I understood that backward compatibility is guaranteed only for minor upgrades that are next to each other. And if there are more versions between current and last it is recommended to go step by step and upgrade to each minor version on the way to the latest one. So, for example if my current version is 1.14.x I first need to upgrade to 1.15.x, then to 1.16.x and finally to 1.17.x. But what in that case will happen with running workflows? Will they successfully migrate from 1.14 to 1.17? If not, do you have some recommendations how to migrate running workflows or restart them on new version?

Thanks in advance for the reply!

  1. No.
  2. Yes, if you perform upgrades, including each minor version, then existing workflows will not be affected.

thanks for such a quick response!