Setting up dual visiblity using helm charts


I have been trying to setup the dual visibility feature on the temporal cluster by using the helm charts.
However, from what I can see, there is no clear documentation about this available. The documentation link above pertains to the cluster yaml file, which is not the same values file that we use for managing the deployment on kubernetes.

Moreover, there seems to be no support for secondary visibility in the helm chart at all

➜  ~/kubernetes/common/temporal  ✗ $ fgrep -ri "secondary" ./* | wc
0       0       0
➜  ~/kubernetes/common/temporal  ✗ $ fgrep -ri "dual" ./* | wc
0       0       0

Is there any way how this can be attempted currently? Dual visibility is crucial for our migration from PSQL hosted visibility to ES Visibility

I could not edit my original post because of community posting restrictions, but just to be clear, the the above commands were run with this folder as the docroot

Update : Looks like this feature is not supported at all.
GitHub issue

Relevant helm template lines

It does not make sense that a generally available feature such as dual visibility is not configurable via one mode of deployment alone. Please, prioritise this feature, and if possible, please maintain feature parity across all deployment modes :pray:

We rolled our own helm charts that enabled dual visibility in the end. We have also completed our data migration based on that. deployment.