Spring.temporal.connection.target.namespace not getting picked up from application.properties file


I am currently trying to use the temporal-spring-boot-starter-alpha SDK to setup temporal.io in my java project.

I am able to setup my project as per the doumentation and make it run successfully. However, I observed that even though I have configured the “spring.temporal.connection.target.namespace” in my application.properties file, it is not getting considered when I try to start a workflow. I get the following error, NOT_FOUND: Namespace name “default” not found


I have also created a bean implementing the *TemporalOptionsCustomizer* interface to customize the options. Only if I explicitly set the namespace here, then the workflow starts successfully without any issues.

Customizer bean implementation

public class WorkflowClientConfigurer implements
    TemporalOptionsCustomizer<WorkflowClientOptions.Builder> {

  private String temporalNamespace;

  public WorkflowClientOptions.Builder customize(
      @NotNull WorkflowClientOptions.Builder optionsBuilder) {

        .setContextPropagators(List.of(new ContextPropagator1(),
            new ContextPropagator2()));

    return optionsBuilder;

Could someone help to understand if this is the expected behavior or am I doing something wrong here?


Hello @Kartik_Chandra
I think the property names is spring.temporal.namespace spring.temporal.connection.namespace

We have an example here https://github.com/temporalio/samples-java/blob/3b78993e4184f7e010e25ba054deb4fcccec1572/springboot/src/main/resources/application-tc.yaml#L1 in case it helps,

Let me know if it works,


Hi @antonio.perez ,

Thanks a lot for your inputs, it worked for me.
Just a correction to your response, the property name is spring.temporal.namespace :slight_smile:
Refer: https://github.com/temporalio/sdk-java/blob/master/temporal-spring-boot-autoconfigure-alpha/README.md#connection-setup