Starting child workflows in parallel

I’m having trouble starting child workflows in parallel. I’m running temporal in GCR and my temporal dashboard shows that I have 8 workers. I then start a parent workflow that should create 2 child workflows in parallel (using workflow.start_child_workflow()). However, only one child workflow gets started at a time. The second one doesn’t start until after the first one completes. I suspected that the child workflow only gets started on the same node as the parent, so I did a google search which suggested I set the parent_close_policy to ABANDON, but that didn’t work.

Any ideas on what’s going on?

figured it out right after I posted this (as usual). The problem was that I calling start_child_workflow() doesn’t actually schedule the workflow. You have to await the handle that’s returned for it to be scheduled. I did do this, but then I also awaited the result from the handle in sequence, which prevented the scheduling of the second child workflow until the first was completed. TLDR: user error :stuck_out_tongue: