Tag name inconsistency in server and sdk code - metrics not being populated in sdk dashboard

sdk tags and java skd use Namespace (with N caps) and server tags uses namespace with n small. Is this a discripency, I am not able to see my namespace specific metric in sdk dahboard.
If i edit the jsond explcity chane namespace to Namespace and workerType, i start seeing data,

Shoud the server tags and sdk tags not be consistent?

I have raised an issue for the same [inconsistent tag names between server and sdk · Issue #1191

Hey @madhu, thanks for reporting this issue. We will address this in next release.

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hi Samar,

i see #315 is fixed, however, i dont see a new version of client sdk released yet in maven/oss, any idea when the new sdk with this fix might get released?

We will cut a release later this week.

:+1: thanks so much samar.

This fix in released with JavaSDK v1.0.5.

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