Tctl For Windows?

Can I download tctl as a standalone program for Windows 10 Desktop ? ( Without a Temporal server installation )

If yes, where can I download it from ?

Not available as a standalone program, refer to Temporal CLI - tctl | Temporal documentation
for how to run temporal-admin-tools docker image that could help you.

Yes, we are already using tctl from the docker image

also there was a request to add tctl into chocolatey [Feature Request] Support more package managers · Issue #88 · temporalio/tctl · GitHub

This is something we are considering. If you have a preference for a specific package manager, please comment in the github issue

I think, I saw somebody using tctl.exe few days ago during a presentation.
( It was quick and was a large audience . So I could not ask )

Was wondering how he might have received it ?

My guess is they used Dockerfile “ENTRYPOINT”?

go install …cmd/tctl should normally do the job, I guess.