Temporal and workflow UI's


I have a question about designing workflow UI’s to create and visualize Temporal workflows. Are there any examples of using a UI to design a workflow which gets executed by Temporal workflows?

We recommend designing a UI that satisfies your specific use case. Temporal is not opinionated and can support practically any workflow definition.

Thanks Maxim. Understood. We have realized that designing a general purpose UI to design workflows results in a very complex and hard to maintain design language. Being specific to the use case is the direction we want to go. There is curiosity with our product management. I know that UI’s specific to the use case are the preferred strategy for workflow as code. I was hoping to point management to concrete examples of that strategy.

I don’t think there are any open-source versions of such tools. There are quite a few companies using Temporal to implement their low code/no-code workflows. But these companies didn’t yet give us permission to talk about this publicly.

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