Workflow definitions visuliazations

Is there a way to create or visualise temporal workflow definitions end to end via admin UI which it provides. I get the fact that it is code first workflow and not a UI based solution.

P.S. - Recently started exploring temporal and it is amazing !!!

Not currently, we are working on some visual views.

What is the problem you are trying to solve through the visualization?

Not exactly a problem but the point would be that if you have workflows spanning across multiple microservices and you want to visualise how your workflows are defined end to end rather than looking at the code, how would you do it ?

For me this seems to be the job of OpenTelemetry. E.g. Jaeger has a nice UI to visualize services interacting by what can be discovered from actual use of services during the lifetime of a request.

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Most workflow complexity is not in the sequencing of actions but in arguments and state management. So code is a much better representation that any engineer would understand much faster.

If you need to show the current workflow progress during execution, you can use the query mechanism to return any information about the current state of a workflow and render it any way you want.

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Makes sense !! Thanks for the inputs !!