Temporal as backend and view results of workflows in UI tool

I am planning to use temporal as backend and develop frontend to visualize.

Let’s say for example I have punch of gke clusters, I will a write a workflow to get the version of gke , istio etc

I will write a workflow to get all the pods running on each namespace and list them

Write workflow to check if pod or node has an issue etc

Like these workflows will return results and I would like to see them front end ui tool may be Javascript html css etc will be used.

This is my idea, but not sure how to implement this, any thoughts?

Whats the rate of update for this information? How many clusters do you have to monitor?

Think this might similar to a batching use case where your workflow needs to get a list of clusters (via activity) and then process this result in batches.
Your main workflow could be on a cron schedule (or check out new schedules feature).

As far as accessing the info, you could store results in workflow state and query it periodically from client and update ui, or you could have activity that pushes the info to a rest endpoint for example that can trigger ui update, just idea.