Temporal cloud metrics to Datadog kube agent

Hey !

Did someone managed to send timescale cloud metrics to datadog ?

There is a datadog agent on my kubernetes cluster running and working (I receive logs and metrics from my app in Datadog by this agent).
I have a datadog-values.yaml conf file for this agent (github.com/DataDog/helm-charts/blob/main/charts/datadog/values.yaml)

And to upgrade my agent I’m using this command
helm upgrade --install datadog-agent -n datadog -f datadog-values.yaml --set datadog.apiKey=<my dd api key> datadog/datadog

I activated the temporal integration on Datadog.
Then I created a new observability integration on temporal, with a cert generated using tctl, and got a prometheus url.

Aside to my datadog-values.yaml I added a conf.d/temporal.d/conf.yaml file


  - openmetrics_endpoint: "<prometheus endpoint>"
    tls_cert: "ssl.pem"
    tls_private_key: "ssl.key"

ssl.pem and ssl.key are both located in conf.d/temporal.d/

When I upgrade my datadog agent, I have no error but the metrics don’t show in Datadog.

What did I miss ?

Thanks !

Hi Antoine. Did you ever get this working?