Temporal Is not able to connect to Cassandra even when one node is down

Hello Guys,

We are doing the load test and we observed Temporal is not able to connect to Cassandra even when ONE node is down. Does any faced similar issues?

Expectations: Even when one node is down we are expecting the temporal to work by connecting to other two nodes.

Below is my Configuration:

hosts: [“XX.XXX.XX.7,XX.XXX.XX.9,XX.XXX.XX.10”]
port: 9042
keyspace: temporal
user: “temporal”
password: “XXXXXXX”
existingSecret: “”
replicationFactor: 3
consistency: “local_quorum”
serialConsistency: “local_serial”
enabled: true
enableHostVerification: false

Note: We are mentioning the cluster info with comma separated ip’s. We did updated Replication factor with 1 ,3 both did not worked.

Error From Temporal:

2022/04/14 23:41:44 error: failed to connect to XX.XXX.XX.7:9042 due to error: write tcp XX.XXX.XX.79:44342->XX.XXX.XX.7:9042: write: connection reset by peer
unable to dial control conn XX.XXX.XX.7:9042 gocql: no response received from cassandra within timeout period

Hi @raghudeshu
are these errors intermittent? Does adding a larger connection timeout, for example:

connectTimeout: 2s

to your Cassandra config help? Does this happen only with tls enabled?