Temporal - software architecture related question

I am new to temporal, and i want to know whether the design mentioned in following post can be implemented using temporal ? if yes, can someone share just a minimal example or point to such project codebase for ref

Yes, this looks pretty straightforward. And you wouldn’t need Redis and Rabbitmq.

Could you describe your requirements from a pure business point of view? The post makes it confusing as it talks about a specific implementation.


The flow is the same as described in the post.
Every event needs to be processed sequentially in defined order by each task. Each task generates some data in mysql-db. This data is show to user on a website as well as is used as an input to the next task for further processing. Also, for same task, data loaded/created in RAM for say event1 is further used by event2 for same task and so on…

Why do you need DB in this case? Can you just store this data inside the workflow variables and use a query to show this data to the user?