Temporal TypeScript Create Schedule Error

When trying to create a new schedule via typescript SDK getting an error with the below calendar payload.
calendars: [
comment: " ",
year: 2023,
month: “AUGUST”,
dayOfMonth: 16,
hour: 9

Getting below error Error: Invalid CalendarSpec component for field dayOfMonth: ‘16’ of type ‘number’


there was a bug but is resolved, fix(client): Fix incorrect schedule spec boundaries by mjameswh · Pull Request #1120 · temporalio/sdk-typescript · GitHub

can you try updating the SDK to the latest version?


Thank you for the details. SDK are part of which docker image of temporal

@antonio.perez Below are the docker image and version we are using currently


Could you help me here with which particular image needs to be upgraded to get the latest typescript SDK for the above-mentioned issue

Hello @Mithun_Shetty_794

sorry, I meant, to upgrade the typescript SDK to the latest version, in your application (e.g package.json) Tags · temporalio/sdk-typescript · GitHub , The latest version currently is 1.8.1