Temporal UI coming down after bringing it up in prod and non prod servers

I am facing issue with Temporal UI. In production the UI is coming down in 6-7 hours after bringing it up. Same is also happening in non prod servers as well but frequency is very low. Like once a week. But in production it’s not stable. We are using the same config file in all environments.

When I checked logs on the server it shows below error,

make: *** wait: No child processes. Stop.
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs…
make: *** wait: No child processes. Stop.

Can you give more info about your deployment and your deployment config?
Also tagging @Ruslan.

We are using below UI config files:
File - dev.env:
export TEMPORAL_GRPC_ENDPOINT=abc.com:12345
export TEMPORAL_WEB_PORT=12346

file - dev.yaml

  • username: user
    password: password!

We are using below command to bring up the UI:
profile=dev make run

Not yet sure why the process could be stopping, is there anything else in the logs? Also to confirm, seems you are running Web UI v1

As a quick option you could try our new UI v2 instead Release v2.0.0 · temporalio/ui-server · GitHub

Docker compose: docker-compose/docker-compose.yml at ea9771b635c1fb4eddf9a66d20027f0527b752e2 · temporalio/docker-compose · GitHub

Configuration: ui-server/docker at main · temporalio/ui-server · GitHub
Full config Template: ui-server/config_template.yaml at main · temporalio/ui-server · GitHub

Docs: currently WIP