Terminate workflow button missing in 0.28.0 ui

is the terminate button removed intentionally? or is it just another ui bug, for my in progress workflows i am not seeing the terminate button.

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We have terminated this by default on the WebUI. You can configure this but considering it introduces security risk we recently changed this.

thanks, how to configure this :smiley:

If you want to enable this please use TEMPORAL_PERMIT_WRITE_API environment variable set to true.

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@madhu we’ve decided to enable it by default when running from docker-compose, the next patch version will have this change

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i tried adding this to my docker compose but it did not help, am i missing something here?

image: temporalio/web:${WEB_TAG:-0.28.0}
- “TEMPORAL_GRPC_ENDPOINT=temporal:7233”
- “8088:8088”
- temporal

@madhu there was one more change needed on webui side to read the variable at startup instead of build time, i’ve published a new image v0.28.1 for Web UI

Please feel free to use the docker-compose.yml file from this PR (or to update the web tag to v0.28.1 in your docker compose) https://github.com/temporalio/temporal/pull/657

upd. The PR is checked in

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yup! i now see my red colored terminate button!! thanks much appreciate your help in getting this added fast!