Temporal-Web Archival

I have the latest versions of the temporal-web 1.13.0 & 1.14.0 which back-end connected with temporal-server v1.12.0. (version >1.12.0 has couple issues working on this topic).

After successfully enabling the namespace archival of history & visibility it suppose to show similar to WORKFLOWS tabs in ARCHIVAL tab. But it doesn’t show and displayed error.

tctl --ns 109727_noha_jpm namespace update -has enabled
tctl --ns 109727_noha_jpm namespace update -vas enabled

Please see the attachments on two different versions.

Temporal web version 1.13.0

Temporal web version 1.14.0

What is wrong with this?

Do you get the same errors when you remove the CloseTime in “Filter by”?
With archival you can have a limited set of visibility queries, see for example docs for s3 and google cloud providers. If you havent specified a provider and archive URL it should default to filestore.

Hi Jaffar,

Basic Query with date range (ex: last 24hrs) doesn’t work with Archival (S3)

Click on advanced tab and put in the below query



WorkflowTypeName =‘your_workflow_type’ AND StartTime = ‘2022-02-02T21:00:00Z’ AND SearchPrecision=‘Day’

Refer this for more such queries - temporal/common/archiver/s3store at master · temporalio/temporal · GitHub