Temporalite install

I am trying to use temporalite for local set up and we are using windows 10. When I run an install command for temporalite, I am getting dial tcp: lookup goproxy.io: no such host. Can you please help me on this.

Installed Go version: 1.20.1

Cmd: go install **

Get “https://goproxy.io/github.com/!data!dog/temporalite/cmd/temporalite/@v/list”: dial tcp: lookup goproxy.io: no such host

Hi, do you set “GOPROXY” env var on your system? ( $env:GOPROXY)?

yes GOPROXY=https://goproxy.io,direct/

Get “https://goproxy.io/go.uber.org/zap/@v/v1.24.0.zip”: dial tcp: lookup goproxy.io: no such host

When I manually hit the url in browser, zip file is downloaded.


Yes in this case Go is going to try to get the downloads from the proxy. Is there some issue maybe network problems or similar you might have reaching the proxy?

For Temporalite, you should not use Go install (see this issue). There are binary releases made of the project, see Getting Started. If custom changes are needed, the repo can be cloned and built easily.

If we still have documentation encouraging go install please let us know so we can remove it.

Even I tried to use the command: go build ./cmd/temporalite

Below is the error I see in the command prompt

Get “https://proxy.golang.org/github.com/temporalio/ui-server/v2/@v/v2.8.3.zip”: dial tcp: lookup proxy.golang.org: no such host

Looks like there is something wrong with your DNS/network wherever this is running? A simple git clone + that go build works in every environment checked. Notice the link you have there does resolve and work. Can you curl proxy.golang.org?