Zsh: command not found: temporalite

I’m following the instructions for installing / using temporalite via Application development - Foundations | Temporal Documentation and
end up with a zsh: command not found: temporalite.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. go install github.com/temporalio/temporalite/cmd/temporalite@latest
  2. temporalite start --namespace foo

Expected Result:
A Temporal Cluster running at and the Temporal Web UI at

Actual Result:
The second command returns ‘zsh: command not found: temporalite’

go version go1.19 darwin/amd64
macOS Monsterey version 12.6

Hi @rain, welcome to the Temporal community :partying_face:

Can you check if you have your GOPATH set? Try in your terminal:

go env GOPATH

(it should be something like /Users/<your_user>/go if you are on Mac.

Then add that directory to your PATH in ~/.zshrc, for example:

- open ~/.zshrc
- on bottom of file add:
export PATH="$HOME/go/bin:$PATH"

Save file and open another terminal and try running
temporalite start --namespace default -f my_test.db
(or whatever you want to call your default created namespace) again.

Just to add, go install command places the executable (in this case temporalite) into the $GOPATH/bin directory, so you have to have it on the path (if you don’t you can still go to $GOPATH/bin and run the temporalite command from there if you wanted)

Hope this helps.

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User beware! I applied these and then totally forgot to close / reopen / restart my terminal - so of course the changes didn’t take affect … until I did. And this totally works. Thanks, @tihomir!! !