Timeline for python-client support

Thanks @llchan and @mrsaints – I need some time to digest this – but at least I know now that the external API contract needs a bit more work.

I’m leaning towards this at the moment and removing the iscoroutinefunction check.

The repo is now public:

There is plenty of sample code in the “tests” directory.

Feel free to submit any comments here.

Regarding PRs – I don’t have much time to review PRs at the moment but feel free to submit them if you don’t mind waiting – could be more than a month before I can get around to reviewing your PR. I would suggest submitting an issue first and only submitting a PR after some discussion in the issue.

Next things on my todo list

  • promises / parallel activity support
  • some kind of stress testing to verify that I got the async code correct and that I’m cleaning up async tasks properly after workflow/activity execution
  • some type of recovery code for when workers get disconnected from the Temporal service
  • technical debt: use the official betterproto package rather than a fork
  • publish to pypi

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the proposed parallel activities API