Tool or gui to generate client code

do we have a tool that can read a json or yaml file and generate the language specific stubs or GUI for defining the workflow and generating the stub code. thanks

What is your goal? Are you trying to implement a DSL based workflow definition on top of Temporal?

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In this case, you don’t need any code generation. Write a workflow that interprets the DSL directly. Here is a Go sample. Java one would use a similar approach.

Thanks Max, looking at the examples there are some things missing like, wait state, retry options, how do we define them, also we are trying to use to define the dsl, is it possible?

The sample gives you a high-level idea of how a DSL workflow can be implemented. It is not intended to be feature complete.

Yes, it is possible to implement the DSL you linked using Temporal. But before doing it ask yourself who are the end-users of your system? If they are engineers then writing workflows directly in code makes much more sense for them than using intermediate YAML/JSON. If they are nontechnical users then the specification you linked would be too complex for them to use.

Hey Maxim, how can we define a wait state in the .yaml file, is it at all possible? thanks

Also is there a java version to this?

Hey Maxim, how can we define a wait state in the .yaml file, is it at all possible? thanks

Temporal doesn’t impose any structure to your DSL file. So you can define the wait state any way you want.

Also is there a java version to this?

There is an incomplete PR that was never landed.

Thanks, I am seeing a place where we are sending the yaml definition into start workflow, is there an API spec as to how to send in the wait state as an argument?

it is asking for credentials for the repo

There is no such spec. You have to design and implement a DSL that supports this.

Thanks from what I have seen the activities that are defined in the yaml need to be predefined, is there a way to dynamically generate/code the activities from the yaml file?

Any way to dynamically build workflow and activities without specifying the annotations, read yaml file and build the workflow and activities dynamically. thanks

@maxim can you please respond. Thanks

Let’s zoom about your use case. I think the forum is not the right media to explain this,

Thanks Maxim, how would you like to meet? webex?