TypeError: unknown time zone Asia/Bangkok

Hi guys,

I am running temporal on Windows 10 for development. When I start a schedule with a time zone, getting this error

TypeError: unknown time zone Asia/Bangkok

Asia/Bangkok is a valid timezone according to Wiki. Am I missing something?

const timezone = 'Asia/Bangkok';
        // https://typescript.temporal.io/api/classes/client.ScheduleClient#create
        const scheduleOptions: ScheduleOptions = {
            action: {
            scheduleId: ..,
            policies: {
            spec: {
                timezone: timezone,
                calendars: [
                        dayOfWeek: dayOfWeek,
                        hour: hour,
                        minute: minute,
        console.log(`scheduleOptions: ${scheduleOptions}`)         

        const schedule = await client.schedule.create(scheduleOptions);

The Go standard library has a different way of loading the time zone database on Windows, and in general it will fall back to a copy of the database embedded in the binary. I assume you’re using the Temporal cli, not a released server? We didn’t build the cli with the embedded database. I’ll fix that for future releases.

In the meantime, you can download this zip file: go/lib/time/zoneinfo.zip at master · golang/go · GitHub and set the environment variable ZONEINFO to point to it.

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