Unit Testing: Test parent close policy on child workflow

I have a workflow that starts a child workflow like this

	options := workflow.ChildWorkflowOptions{
		WorkflowID:       "ID",
		ParentClosePolicy: enums.PARENT_CLOSE_POLICY_ABANDON,
	ctxChild := workflow.WithChildOptions(ctx, options)

	err = workflow.ExecuteChildWorkflow(ctxChild, childWorkflowFunc, params).GetChildWorkflowExecution().Get(ctx, nil)
	if err != nil {
		return stacktrace.Propagate(err, "Failed to start child workflow")

Then on my tests I’m trying to assert that the child WF is effectively running with parent close policy provided. One way I found to test this was through:

			env.SetOnChildWorkflowStartedListener(func(workflowInfo *workflow.Info, ctx workflow.Context, args converter.EncodedValues) {
				if workflowInfo.WorkflowType.Name == "ChildWF" {
					options := workflow.GetChildWorkflowOptions(ctx)
					_ = options.ParentClosePolicy

It seems like workflow.Info has the correct information about my childWF but workflow.GetChildWorkflowOptions(ctx) is always empty which is a consequence of this information not being in the context for some reason despite being injected in the WF execution. Am I missing something here? Is there a better way to test this?

Context passed to SetOnChildWorkflowStartedListener is the child workflow context, ParentClosePolicy is set on parent workflow, not the child.

How would you suggest to test that a child workflow runs with the specified ParentClosePolicy?