Updating Dynamic Config in values.dynamic_config.yaml

We are trying to update the values.dynamic_config.yaml file as per the documentation with helm (here)
But helm is getting stuck. So we are trying to apply manifest file kubectl apply -f dynamicconfigmap.yaml. Can someone help us with equivalent file?

I’m not sure I understand the question here. Do you want us to provide an example of config map? Which config values are you trying to modify and apply to your cluster? Can you share any errors when you do helm upgrade?

Hi Samar
The issue is we are changing the values in values.dynamic_config.yaml config to below:

- value: 15
constraints: {}
- value: 15
constraints: {}

After that we are running to update the config map using Helm.
helm upgrade -f values/values.dynamic_config.yaml temporaltest . --timeout 900s

There is no error as such but the issue is that Helm is getting stuck and then it just runs without exiting/completing the upgrade

In the document it says we can set the configmap by kubectl command too.
kubectl apply -f dynamicconfigmap.yaml
Since our Helm charts are getting stuck with no error if Temporal team can provide us with the equivalent end to end file of “dynamicconfigmap.yaml”, with details on to which configmap we can apply kubectl , we can see if the values are getting picked up.

Our recommendation for production helm usage is to run helm template --output-dir manifests with all the values / cli args necessary for your environment and then kubectl apply the resulting manifests. This has the advantage of being able to review and/or version the manifests being sent to kubernetes as well.

Just took a look at the docs again - apparently there we suggest using the --dry-run option with helm upgrade which could also work.

Either of the options will avoid a restart of pods which helm would perform.

This issues seems to be fixed. Ran helm template --output-dir manifests command and got the manifest for temporal dynamic config map & updated the values.
We are still doing the perf testing and checking the metrics. Thanks for the support Derek and Team.