How can I update dynamic configuration keys?


I see in docus that Temporal Cluster provides dynamic configuration keys that you can update and apply to a running Cluster without restarting your services. So in which way can I update these keys in CLI or other ways?

Any answer would be appreciated.

You can set dynamic config in cli via command line, see docs: Temporal CLI command reference | Temporal Documentation. Don’t think it supports dynamicconfig.NewFileBasedClient as of yet, see issue [Feature Request] Rename --dynamic-config-value ➡️ --dynamic-config · Issue #303 · temporalio/cli · GitHub

Thank you for your explanation!

I know it can set dynamic config value in cli via the command line. I have serval questions:

  1. I see that there are several deployment yaml docus in dynamic config folder, how can I use it when I deploy the temporal server. I don’t find any way to use it in introduction docus. Just like the issue said, is it can be set in cli --dynamic-config-file ?

  2. I want to know how to upgrade a starting server’s dynamic config. You know, the dynamic config value is used when I deploy the temporal server in command line. So is there has any way to upgrade dynamic config without restarting the temporal server?

  3. Is the dynamic config a way to scale the temporal services? I mean when the temporal server face the problem just like server congestion, how can we fix it without stopping it and restarting? Is the dynamic config a right way or there are other ways can do that?

Any answer will be greatly appreciated!