How can I do some dynamic updates to temporal


I know Temporal has several services just like Fronted, and they are all in a static configuration.

I deploy self-hosted temporal and it works well. But, if there are a lot of clients using it, I mean, it must face the problem which is how to scale out services. So I wonder if there are some ways to scale its services while the temporal server doesn’t need to shut down or restart. After all, in some important services, we do not want the server to shut down.


If there are any ways to scale the temporal services dynamically? If so, where can I get the docus or other ways to find it?

Any help or insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

they are all in a static configuration

correct, static config is generated on deploy time based on your env vars set and default template (or can provide a custom one), once generated these values are as name says static.

Your services can also define dynamic configuration which can be updated/changed while services are running. See more info on this in docs here. Dynamic config values include a ton of settings that can help tune cluster without having to restart your services.


I also want to know how can I use development.yaml to build a temporal server. You know I’m new of that, and I use the command line “temporal server start-dev”. I also want to make some changes when I deploy it, which command line can I use or in the other way?