Guide for configuring temporal server dynamicconfig

as I see the file config/dynamicconfig/development.yaml represents a list of dynamic configuration parameters.

Is there a guide for using this list? a sort of best practices tutural for configuring it in a production environment?

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Don’t touch unless you know exact parameter name and knows how it affects the system. You can check a list of all possible parameters here and track their usages and default values.

Hello, we are encountering an error “Complete result exceeds size limit.” after getting result from an activity. The payload size is > 2MB, which is the default value for limit.blobSize.error.

We are trying to increase the limit, for example to 5 MB, just to test whether it is the root cause. We have tried to update development.yaml and development_es.yaml files in dynamicconfig folder with below value:

However, we still encounter the same error. We have also tried to restart the Temporal server. Did we miss anything? Thank you.