Upstream status updates best practice

Hi hoping someone can give me some direction on the following

As we progress through the applications and stages within the workflow/activities I am wanting to send updates to the Job Starter application, currently, I am doing that via activities using a REST endpoint, should I be building an additional workflow in the job starter to receive updates, or building in a loop to check on the status with queries?

What is the best practice pattern for getting the triggered updates?

Below is an example of My Temporal implementation, I currently have two workflows, one for scheduling and the other for each automation worker:

app 1: Scheduled Job Starter
sends the automation job task to scheduler workflow

app 2: Scheduler and Worker selector
Workflow Sleeps until the job is ready, based on job type selects and executes automation workers workflow

app 3: Job Worker
Workflow receives the job and runs automation

I think the simplest is to run an activity worker that hosts a notification activity in the Job Starter application. This way any workflow can invoke that activity to notify about any needed changes.