Use new metrics system


I am trying to use the rework of metric system implemented since the 1.16.0 release.
In my setup, I must feed a Prometheus.
My whole stack run with helm charts.

Before the upgrade, Temporal was on 1.10.5, and it works nicely.
Since I launched the update to 1.16.2, I do not have any metrics.

I tried to found documentations, but I grab nothing relevant.
On GitHub - temporalio/helm-charts: Temporal Helm charts, it seems that a pod “metrics-server” should exist.
When I read the code, I found many metrics occurrences, but I do not know how to use it.

How can I use the new metrics tags system?
Which pod exposed the metrics and how I am supposed to use it?


Can you give more info please? There was some updates on default bucket boundaries for timer metrics but not sure about more, could you point me to release notes you are referring to please?

Are you using helm charts directly from master repo or have some custom configurations ontop of it?
Are you looking for setting up server metrics with these default helm charts?

Sorry, I did not check the post earlier.

I was lost during the configuration.
My stack have some custom configurations, and I was searching to use an external Prometheus that I feed with temporal metrics.
In fact, I completely eluded the file which saved me.

I had forgotten to erase all occurrences to metrics in the file and use [the helm-charts/server-configmap.yaml at 7dda89bef5c287cd97718d17b4812ba862c2452e · temporalio/helm-charts · GitHub](https://global metrics) instead.

Next time, I will read more codes.

For me, it’s done, so can the topic be close?