What is the startup script for temporal in k8s pods?

What is the startup script for temporal?

We are using helm chart to install and configure temporal on GKE cluster, Cloudsql managed DB used.
Right now we can’t use password of sql in k8s secret as per security changes. Instead we use init container to pull secret from GCP secret manager and export that as environment variable in main container using command.
Example command: source ./gcp secrets

In this way all pods starting frontend,matching, history and worker. But I dont know all the pod keep restarting every specific interval. I don’t may be because of secret export stays only for that specific shell session? Also after export shall i add startup script for temporal( exampls after command && ./startup.sh, if so what is the name of startup script availablein all pods?

If I understand the question correctly, Temporal server image defines entry point script here which then calls startup script here. So you should have both available on all service pods (frontend, matching, history, worker) under /etc/temporal.

Hope this helps.