Workflow Execution History

am trying to get execution history of a workflow by using get_workflow_execution_history function. Nothing seems to happen. The program just stops
Here is code snippet. Am I doing something wrong here?

request = GetWorkflowExecutionHistoryRequest(namespace=NAMESPACE,
                                                 execution=WorkflowExecution(workflow_id='mando-2021-04-01 14:20:19.255215', run_id='53775fb3-93eb-46a8-9275-24febc6f51a6'))
    response = await client.service.get_workflow_execution_history(request=request)

Can you some example

Try this example:

Let me know if that doesn’t work out for you.

I am afraid it is still not working. I pretty took the code as is but seems like it once it get to execution_history line
*r = await client.service.get_workflow_execution_history(request=request)*
Nothing happens. The program stops doing anything. No exceptions either

Can you share the non sensitive parts of your code.

For the record, this happens when betterproto is installed along side betterproto-for-temporal-python-sdk. In this situation, betterproto will take precedence and since we use the same package names it might not contain the bug fixes required (recursive message support) to properly work with the Temporal GRPC spec.

If you see an error like

RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object

Check that you didn’t install betterproto separately.